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The Land (Soundtrack for the Motion Picture)

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  • Performance: 10
  • Songwriting: 9
  • Originality: 9
  • Production: 8

The Land soundtrack supports the story being told by the movie, but it also tells its own story. The soundtrack of the independent film is far from what you would expect from an independent project. The Land soundtrack is filled with hit-makers from Nas, Erykah Badu, Kanye West and many more. The soundtrack tries to capture the mood of the movie with songs that tell the movie itself. But who better to tell a story about “The Land “ than an artist from “the land”? Nas recruited artists from The Land to tell their story. From Stalley, Machine Gun Kelly and newcomer Ezzy, They all give you an inside to their world to their Land.

The Land soundtrack parallels with the film. Tracks like BAG by Dave East and the popular Paid by Pusha T feat Jeremih, tells us how you gotta have a go-getter attitude to survive in the land. Sometimes you need to risk it all to win just like Pusha T said on Paid “ We know the risks and the payoff/ We only live once so no days off”. Tracks like Dopeman by Machine Gun Kelly are amazing at telling stories of this environment. The beat has a harsh, aggressive sound that makes you feel like you’re being shaken up. MGK does a great job of describing what could be when you meet the dopeman and its dangers.

One of the highlights of this album has to be new music from hip-hop icon,Nas. On Figure It Out feat French Montana, Nas and Kanye West, we get a classic from this hit-makers. The soulful beat has a super smooth hook that grabs you and makes you vibe out. On the same track, we get French Montana asks tough questions that we feel we don’t have the answers to. Nas opens up about life and about how we care more about petty things instead of the important things in life. Nas’s second appearance on this album includes the legendary Erykah Badu. The track This Bitter Land feat Nas, Erykah Badu is definitely a song that speaks more about society. In it Nas touches about how poverty can affect someone’s action towards a life of crime. It also talks about how police brutality affects a community and how it affects their mentality. The lines “Write a letter to the president or whoever in control of society/tell them stop riding me/ Stop driving us into a suicidal ideology” are so strong that makes you think about how truthful they are.

With a soundtrack, you want a song that reminds the audience of a specific moment in the movie. In The Land soundtrack, you have those songs with Cisco’s Theme by Fashawn and Fantasy by Alina Baraz. These two songs are very different from each other by when you hear them you’ll remember specific moments from the film. The soundtrack for The Land is a magnificent project. You can really see how Nas was able to put his touch on this project through the music in the film. This soundtrack could tell a story without a motion picture behind it, that’s how good it is. The movie The Land is definitely worth watching and the soundtrack is a must hear.

Favorite Tracks: Frequency By Stalley, Paid by Pusha T feat Jeremih, Figure It Out by Nas feat French Montana, Kanye West.


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