Jun 21

Ralphy London – Fifteen Winters 2

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  • Performance: 7
  • Songwriting: 9
  • Originality: 7
  • Production: 8
  • 1

    Slang Talk

  • 2


  • 3

    Smell The Coke

  • 4


  • 5


  • 6

    Prayin For/Church

  • 7

    No Strap

  • 8

    Daily Vagina

  • 9

    Planet Earth

  • 10

    Young Ricky

  • 11


  • 12

    Boy Meets World

  • 13


  • 14

    1000 Times

  • 15

    She Was Bumpin' Gucci

  • 16


  • 17

    Put My Life On It

  • 18

    No Chumps

  • 19

    Full Circle

Consistency is key. Ralphy London’s latest mixtape Fifteen Winters 2 proves that he knows what his audience wants. Fifteen Winters 2 keeps the sound that has gathered London’s his loyal fans. His sound has that 90s east coast hip-hop influence that also includes his own new voice. Although, his sound is amazing you are hoping for some evolution on his music. Fifteen Winters 2 is a great album, but you don’t see any improvement from his previous projects.

Ralphy London dropped an impressive project. One of the best things about London is his ability to switch his flow from one track to another. Tracks like Slang Talk and No Chumps are good examples of how he showcases his flow. An amazing example of this skill is Smell That Coke. He delivers great punchlines in an incredible beat. The track has a 90s hip-hop style that seems to evolve with London’s flow.

Ralphy London continues on delivering great tracks throughout Fifteen Winters 2. Some of the most legendary tracks are 100 Times and No Straps. These are tracks that the listener can really vibe out to and feel like taking on a trip. On 100 Times, he switches the tempo of his flow from fast to a slower tempo never missing the beat. On Summer, the strings and London’s delivery are in perfect sync. This track is so groovy that it makes you feel riding in a Cadillac with the top down like a total player. London also shows his political views with the lines “You support Donald Trump/ you a chump and you need to get crack in your jaw” on the track Rips.

One of the biggest records on this album had to be Young Ricky. The piano draws you into the track like you’re being hypnotized. The track is smooth and melodic that it makes you feel like summer party is about to break out . It makes the listener invoke his inner Ric Flair and scream “Wooo” while listening to it.

Fifteen Winters 2 is classic hip-hop and classic Ralphy London. If you have been a fan of him and his past projects you won’t be disappointed. At the same time you wish the MC would venture into other styles and sounds. London has the skills to jump on any type of beat and be a highlight. He seems to focus on a specific sound where he feels at home, but as a fan you wish he was more adventurous with future projects. Ralphy London has a great resume and Fifteen Winters 2 is another notch on his belt. Who knows what the future holds for London? Will he change his sound and evolve his music or continue the consistency that has earned him thousands of fans? Who knows but Ralphy?   I don’t think Ralphy is too worried about that is like he said “…I just wanna do good music and chill with my dawgs”.


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