Jul 24

Houses by Losing Teeth

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I found this band on Facebook recently and was immediately drawn to their sound.  Losing Teeth definitely falls under the new-school pop-punk revival category, but the spin they throw at it makes this release worth your time. If you’re a fan of The Story So Far or Neck Deep, then you’re a fan of Losing Teeth.

However, unlike TSSF’s angry episodes or Neck Deep’s over-the-top pop antics, Losing Teeth carries a cruisey, catchy vibe in their songs.   The opening track, as well as, the title track are perfect examples of this. I’m really digging how they’re layering a dark ambient punk sound with catchy vocal melodies.

The hit track of this release is Soles, being carried by a super catchy vocal melody and backed up with guitar work that will carry your short attention span. The chorus is really where this track shines bright.   Vocalist Logan Caputo belts out lines that will get stuck in your head and even cuts his teeth on a few screaming sections. You also can’t miss that bass & drum breakdown.

“Houses” then closes out with a mellow track entitled “Stone.” We get to hear some clean guitars in this track which pairs nicely with a smooth beat.

Overall the debut release by Losing Teeth is definitely worth checking out!

Favorite Tracks: Artificial, Soles

Check out their SoundVent Profile here: www.soundvent.com/losingteethfl


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