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  • If you’re in a band trying to make waves you’ll need more than just good material. You will need a music video…
    Choose wisely.

    The first step is to pick out a director/production company. If you want it done…

  • Tour is tough. Band mates are tougher. How will you survive?
    The ultimate relationship challenge.

    Get in a cramped van with your significant other (dude or chick) and hang out with them literally 24 hours a day…

  • Touring can be the best, most amazing experience… or it can be a nightmare from hell. Here’s my 5 essential items to make sure that you and your tour are a success. Don’t even think of leaving home with these!

  • @atthebricks this band is so sick!!!

  • AnthonyGaray mentioned Luke in a public message 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lukehertzler yoooooooo dawg. wassup?!

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