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Dave East – Kairi Chanel

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  • Performance: 8
  • Songwriting: 8
  • Originality: 8
  • Production: 8
  • 1

    It Was Written

  • 2

    Type of Time

  • 3


  • 4

    Can't Ignore (feat. 2 Chainz)

  • 5

    From the Heart (feat. Sevyn Streeter)

  • 6

    30 N***az

  • 7


  • 8

    Eyes on Me (feat. Fabolous)

  • 9

    S.D.E. (feat. Cam'ron)

  • 10

    Don Pablo

  • 11

    The Only Thing

  • 12

    The Real Is Back (feat. Beanie Sigel)

  • 13

    Slow Down (feat. Jazzy Amra)

  • 14

    Don't Shoot

The Harlem MC has been generating a huge buzz and finally dropped his new album. Dave East just recently signed to Def Jam and decided to celebrate by dropping Kairi Chanel. The album named after his daughter contains 15 tracks with star studded features like 2Chainz, The Game, Fabolous and few others.

One of the things to take away from this album is East’s street background. The Harlem MC keeps feeding the streets that raised him. Tracks like “It Was Written”, “30 N***az” describe his harsh environment growing up and the struggles that he had to endure. Dave East has been able to overcome all those problems and kept his focus on his music career. One of those tracks that show his ambition beyond a street hustler “Type of Time”. He shows you just his ambition with lines like “I want the world you can have the block”.

Kairi Chanel is one of those albums with great features. Dave East was able to collaborate with some of the best rappers from all over the country. He connected with Cam’ron aka Killa Cam on a great Harlem collaboration that pay homage to Cam’ron album S.D.E. Another great New York team-up occurs on “Eyes on Me” featuring Fabolous. Fabolous bodies the track with lines like “Put her hands in my pants, how that make her feel/Playing with that Black mamba how that Laker feel”. On some of those features we can help to notice that the guest was able to steal the show. One of those tracks is “Can’t Ignore” featuring 2Chainz.

East proves on Kairi Chanel that he’s not a one dimensional rapper. There are tracks where he talks about relationships, social issues and his storytelling skills. On Keisha, East flexes his storytelling skills. A craft that was master by the New York great like Biggie, Big L and East’s mentor Nas. Another of the highlights of the album is the politically heavy track “Don’t Shoot”. In “Don’t Shoot” he discusses the issues of police brutality and his own experiences. Is an incredibly unique track. In each verse he talks about police brutality from different points in his life. From being a child and not understanding the racial issues .To a grown man frustrated by the injustice he sees from an oppressive system.

This album does have some ups and downs. Whether is a track that just seems out of place in the rotation like “From The Heart” or tracks that don’t bring anything new or special to the table. Dave East’s Kairi Chanel is just the opening act of what looks to be a bright career. With the help of mentor Nas and a steady development on his production, East could build an impressive catalog in the next couple of years.

Favorite Tracks – It Was Written, Can’t Ignore feat. 2Chainz, Don’t Shoot


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