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Your music, your dreams, your passion, your platform.

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A music experience unlike any other - This is the idea behind SoundVent. Built for musical entrepreneurs, SoundVent combines all the greatest technologies we have come to know and love. SoundVent is a network, a streaming service, a marketplace and more. Connect with like-minded individuals, follow your favorite bands, listen to music, sell your merchandise, share & tag your photos, book gigs, book tours, get noticed, get signed. And it all comes to life over multiple content delivery channels allowing global access. Welcome to a new era in how we discover, share, and manage our music.

SoundVent Beta

Why SoundVent?

We built SoundVent out of frustration managing our own bands online. When MySpace died, it left a void in the digital community for bands. Sure, I can make a facebook, instagram, bandcamp and build a website; but now I have to manage 4 separate accounts that each represent only a piece of the puzzle. Managing my band online is now spread across different mediums all of which are relatively un-integrated. Also, how do I sell my merch online?

All these questions drove us mad and ultimately was the reason behind building a platform designed and integrated for musicians and the music industry. Musicians are entrepreneurs – you network, book gigs, create music, market yourself, promote your music, sell your t-shirts. And to do all those things you’ve used multiple platforms, just like I did. Well... not anymore. Welcome to a new era of music, a single platform uniting all your channels, fulfilling all your needs. Welcome to SoundVent.


Everything your music career needs - right in your pocket.

Social networking

Free streaming

Upload and sell music

Share your photos

Connect with YouTube

Social media integration

Private messaging

List your events

Full YouTube channel integration.

Import your complete YouTube channel with a single click. We’ve partnered with YouTube so you can keep managing your videos on a familiar platform while your SoundVent profile automatically updates.

Simple integration and setup

Automatically pull new videos

Increase channel awareness

SoundVent Stores

Complete with powerful analytics and the highest revenue share in the industry.

We wanted SoundVent to be unlike any other network – so we added a complete marketplace to it. Our stores are one of our crown jewel achievements. When you open a SoundVent Store, you gain access to a fully featured, state-of-the-art storefront that is available to your fans and customers 24/7. Advanced analytics, product creation, inventory management, coupon codes, sales, categorization, and promotion are just a few of the features we have added in. We also don’t limit our products - you can literally sell anything you want!

And we didn’t stop there. As musicians ourselves we wanted to give back to our community. That’s why our revenue share program is the highest in the industry. More than CDBaby, BandCamp, iTunes, and Amazon. That means you will make more money selling your music and merchandise on SoundVent than any other platform.

Create unlimited products to sell

Advanced analytics and reporting

Setup coupons and sales discounts

Highest revenue share in industry

Categorize products by type

Sell both physical and digital goods

Secure and easy payments with Stripe integration

Clean and modern design

SoundVent App


Your music, your dreams, your passion, your platform.

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