Jul 15

21 Savage – Savage Mode

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  • Performance: 7
  • Songwriting: 7
  • Originality: 8
  • Production: 8
  • 1

    No Advance

  • 2

    No Heart

  • 3

    X Bitch (Feat. Future)

  • 4

    Savage Mode

  • 5

    Bad Guy

  • 6

    Real Nigga

  • 7

    Mad High

  • 8

    Feel it

  • 9

    Ocean Drive

Sometimes a little sample is all you need to get hooked. Of course I’m talking about 21 Savage’ new mixtape, Savage Mode. The Atlanta rapper in collaboration with producer Metro Boomin have dropped the anticipated record. This nine song project is just a small taste of the future.

21 Savage has been rising on the scene rapidly ever since his project Slaughter King dropped late last year. He’s one of the freshman of the year of XXL and is now working with one of the hottest producers in the game. Although, 21 Savage has been able to create a huge buzz around him by himself it doesn’t hurt to have Metro Boomin in your corner. It also doesn’t hurt to have Future featuring on your mixtape. Future has been working with Metro for years so is not strange to see both of them together again.

Savage Mode gives us a glimpse into 21 Savage’s mind and his life. Tracks like No Heart shows us his hard upbringing and how it shaped him. A track that also shows us his cold-blooded nature is Bad Guy. Bad Guy is different from the other tracks as it has a more rapid up-tempo beat. It definitely makes it stand out compared to the other tracks. Tracks like No Advance and Savage Mode showcase Metro Boomin’s production and 21 Savage’s flow. One of the tracks that is bound to break the internet is X featuring Future. In this track both of the rappers talked about how their former lovers are bound to hate the fact that they’re not longer with them. A track that really surprise the audience, especially after hearing X is Feel It. Feel It is a track where 21 Savage really opens himself and expresses how everyone need a special one by their side. Just like Tupac said “thugs need love too”. One of the best tracks of this mixtape has to be Mad High. Mad High is a great example of how great Metro Boomin’s production is with a great rapper on the track. This track can definitely get the crowd going and you can see the chanting this anthem all night long. One can only hope that this track gets the remix treatment and we see a few more “trappers” getting Mad High.

Overall this is a great project, but maybe a bit short. Of course, this only makes the audience want more. Hopefully by the time 21 Savage releases another project we can see his more innovation and improvement in his music. Is really great seeing him release a project by himself with only one feature. He has the fan base to create a big buzz and doesn’t need a big name behind him. Although it doesn’t hurt to have Metro on your corner cheering. Is clear that 21 Savage has a bright future ahead of him and Metro is going to be there for him. Everyone knows how important is for Metro to trust you.


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