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Digital Products

The new cornerstone of our music industry. Capitalise by uploading mp3s, wavs, flac, etc. to a secure, token based system for digital downloads.

Physical Products

Shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, socks and more! As long as you've got it, you can sell it on SoundVent.

Turn-Key Solution

Simply upload pictures, add descriptions, set a price and SoundVent will do the rest for you. We work with the most talented UX/UI designers to do all the A/B testing for you.

Secure Checkout

We've partnered with Stripe payments to make sure transactions are secure and you recieve your money.

Direct To Fan Messaging

Say goodbye to undelivered emails and hosting fees. SoundVent ships with a fully-featured messaging system allowing you to interact with any fan at any time.

Industry Leading Payouts

As musicians ourselves, we set out to create a fair platform for everyone. This is why we offer an industry leading share revenue program and free accounts.